Kate Beck 2017. Travels, Interviews, and Textile Design.

As usual the year has started off with a boom and suddenly here we are, April 5th. I have been on the road since the end of January with time at the studio between the various shows to work on new items. Finally some "down time" to catch up on the much needed development of new ideas and strategies.

While I am gearing up for JazzFest 2017 (my 21st year!) I feel the need to let people know about new ideas and possibilities for the future as an artist and business person. Looking forward, I think my current goal is to start independent projects and collaborations with clients and fellow artists alike. Let's have trunk shows around the country and create smaller events that are memorable! How about creating one of a kind prints that represent the growing need for awareness in local foundations! As always, I am open to ideas and new ways of creating art to serve the call for handmade traditions. 

Recently I was interviewed by Jessica Debold for New Orleans Home and Lifestyle magazine. I am so grateful to live in a city that embraces the arts and uniqueness in one of a kind pieces. Please check out the article here: 


Thank you for reading my blog today. Lastly, I would like to say that if you have any inspirations and would like to work on bringing a trunk show to your area, please contact me! An organized event that helps out a local community organization, a private showing, or even a textile workshop are all things that I would love to work on! 

Here is to a lovely spring and the whimsy of botanical prints dancing in the air!

All the best, 

Kate Beck